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October 2019

Daylight Savings has begun and while it takes a little bit to adjust, the longer days are nicer.  Centre life is going to get very busy over the next few months ... exciting times ahead!

Friday 4th October - we are celebrating Teachers Day in the Centre

Friday 18th October - Garden Day with the team from Kiwibank

Tuesday 22nd October - Waikids Denlite dental check visit

Monday 28th October - Labour Day, the centre is closed

ADVANCED NOTICE:  Friday 15th November - we will be celebrating Grandparents Day


September 2019

Welcome to Spring!!  It's been a great start with the first day of Spring being loaded with sunshine ... a great day for getting outdoors.  We are looking forward to more sunny days and enjoying all that the season of Spring brings.

Sunday 1st September - Father's Day, we wish you all a very happy and relaxing day

9th to 15th September - Maori Language Week

Friday 27th September - Centre Photo Day, bring a smile :)

Sunday 29th September - Daylight Savings begins, don't forget to put your clock forward one hour

Monday 30th September - School holidays begin


August 2019

August ... the last month of Winter!  It is great to start seeing the first signs of Spring with daffodils and baby lambs, the seasons are certainly passing by very quickly.

Friday 30th August - Daffodil Day, it's a YELLOW day in the Centre

Advanced Notice:

Friday 27th September - Centre Photo Day

Sunday 29th September - Daylight Savings begins

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